DC Rivals HyperCoaster towers over the park with Batwing and Superman Escape.
DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains is a great opportunity to take a spin on all of Movie World's thrill rides at dusk and early evening.
The skyline at the front of Movie World with Green Lantern and Batwing Spaceshot.
Batwing Spaceshot temporarily out of order with seat covers in place.
Batwing Spaceshot, and the adjoining Justice League ride, are both down for annual maintenance.
The area is fully fenced off while work takes place.
Batwing Spaceshot is currently down for annual maintenance.
With downward acceleration, riders plummet to earth at a faster rate than gravity. This creates a very intense feeling of airtime.
The gondola reaching the top of the tower after the initial launch.
The gondola just before launch.
Batwing Spaceshot dwarfs Superman Escape by almost 20m (65ft).
Batman, Green Lantern and Superman have managed to spruce up what otherwhise was a fairly generic looking shop.

And Batwing Spaceshot is nice and sunny.

Batwing Spaceshot maintenance...not so amazing.

New attractions and no shortage of rain greet guests this school holidays.

And over at Movie World to see their holiday efforts.

Batwing ties in nicely with Gotham City Hall.

Theming is minimal for this ride