Rampage theming photobombs Kraken.
Perhaps the one embuggerance is bystanders being unable to watch the funnel up close.
That's a big raft conveyor!
The ship being destroyed is called "The Adventurer"
You can get a sense of the elevation change this ride achieves, with the tip of the funnel just visible, and Bibra Lake beyond.
The eye of the Kraken peering over the park.
There's a lot of theming, but it does all look a bit "fibreglassy", and perhaps needs a bit more greenery to flesh out the area and improve the atmosphere.
Ride restrictions sign.
The water park area is a major draw of the park, given Perth's climate. It's a living time capsule of sorts from front to back, with the Wahoo Speed slides from 1985, the Tidal Wave racing slide from 2005, and Sea Serpents from 2006, and finally 2015's Kraken.
A raft soaring up the wall of the Tornado funnel.
After the funnel there's one last sweeping U turn to the splashdown.
Kraken begins with a helix and several back to back turns, before dropping into the 'Tornado' funnel.
Kraken during the Fright Nights event.
Kraken Entrance
More pirate ship-themed shade sails were added after the opening of Kraken. Wait times, during busier periods, can be up to an hour.
The slide's extensively themed entrance.
Concept art giving the first glimpse at the ride's monster theme.