After the amazingly expansive and open roller coaster experience, exiting guests are funneled into what can only be described as an claustrophobic shipping container to view their ride photos and shriek loudly to friends, family and 20-odd strangers.
The... O... in... you can thank us when you notice this misalignment every single time you ride from now on.
DC Rivals HyperCoaster: putting the O in OCD.
A $30 million ride and we've got this piece of vinyl reusing the old Batman Adventure sign to entice guests.
Each row features a backwards facing camera and a ring of LED lights to capture riders expressions. These videos will no doubt be available for purchase in due course.
Reverse POV cameras have now been installed in each row.
The billboards do effectively transport you out of a Movie World mindset and get you read for the ride, though they do block some of the best views of the ride.
Likely the missing unit is getting the same treatment as the first, and soon all six will be modified and fully functional.
The station, like the trains themselves, is wonderfully open and spacious.
One of the loose item storage units has been previously removed and modified, likely in an effort to get the new system working as it was intended, with rotation between cycles. The internal dividing walls have been altered and a hatch has been added on the rear side, likely to be able to retrieve items should the system experience a power outage or error that stops them from rotating.
One of the loose item units has been removed.
The pay-to-ride back seats go empty if there are no paying customers.
Complaints that the shelter leaves sections of the queue exposed to the sun are moot considering the queue moves every few minutes.
Cyborg is one of those characters that you've never heard of but will soon be a thing thanks to the upcoming Justice League film.
Wonder Woman's lasso will glow nicely at night.
These simple lights are built into the support structure for the shelter.
The ride's test seat lets larger guests see if they meet the size requirements. A simple green light will light up if the restraint is pulled down far enough to lock safely.
The shade is open enough to not block views of the coaster too much.