That first drop might be the single best moment on any roller coaster in Australia. Though Superman Escape's launch might beg to differ...
The most traditional hypercoaster looking part of Rivals.
It's a seriously impressive drive into Movie World thanks to Rivals.
The aesthetics of the supports can be forgiven when they hold up this amazing first drop.
The path snakes its way towards Movie World from the main footpath along Entertainment Drive.
The footpath will be an impressive vantage point for Rivals.
The eventual pathway and bridge to Topgolf is in place, with Rivals overhead.
Movie World, Movie World, Movie World, Movie World, Movie World, Movie World, Movie World.
Footings that jut into the garden beds have been given a textured appearance.
The new footpath has opened and completes the look of DC Rivals HyperCoaster.
We're not sure what's more dangerous to stick figures: high speed roller coasters, or Adobe Illustrator's "Live Trace" feature.
More LEDs. Anyone that's driven past at night will tell you that the ride is fairly modestly lit at night, save for the menacing Joker sign.
Rivals is lit by a collection of fairly small LED light setups.
This monstrous angled support is quite an odd design choice. Let's just say a token ugly support column that makes the rest of the ride look pretty good.
DC Rivals HyperCoaster: technically a car park coaster.
The menacing Joker sign is aided by building storm clouds.
Riders head down the near-vertical drop.
The backwards facing row is an unusual view for riders and spectators in the queue alike.