Another ride that's been in and out of maintenance all year, Tower of Terror II is up and running.
It is pleasing to see such a full car park at Dreamworld.
There's a whole lot of ride closure going on here, both new and old. Giant Drop is undergoing work, which has seen the inside top of the Dreamworld Tower wrapped in protective sheets to likely contain falling debris.
Who knew The Wiggles were thrillseekers?
Dreamworld's Tower of Terror shop has joined Movie World's (former) Harry Potter shop in selling weird new-age dragon crap.
Your move, Movie World.
The Dreamworld Tower from the base of the Giant Drop.
And without a boat to stir up the water each day it's now quite green.
And on to another "Shock". We spotted this effect for the first time at the end of the toxic waste tunnel in the queue. It gives the impression the frayed wires are arcing.
The pod dropping back into the tunnel.
This is how the station has been redone for those of you wondering.
The queue features a few screens in wooden and perspex boxes which show your typical tecnical mumbo jumbo.
The transformation to Tower of Terror 2 saw the famous skull given a makover, giving it more of a dark, gritty look.

The official Parkz verdict? Surprisingly not all that much of an improvement over the original version.

And it's miserable weather at Dreamworld too as TOT2 opens to the public.

At the ride exit is another turbine for good measure.
The whole final set of switchbacks and grouping area has been redone with bright red vinyl flooring and checkerplate walling.
At the top of the last flight of stairs some of you may remember an odd wedge shaped room. Dreamworld weren't ones to let this space go to waste, so they squeezed in a set of switchbacks, and this is the result.