Australia's newest coaster against Australia's oldest coaster.
The famous Luna Park entrance and Scenic Railway rollercoaster recreated out of Lego Bricks at Legoland Discovery Centre Melbourne.
Luna Park gets some LEGO love at the Legoland Discovery Centre Melbourne - Miniland. The Powersurge, Spider and Pharaoh's Curse rides actually animate/move.
The old-time charm of this lift system cannot be beaten.
It's a surprisingly fast lift hill.
Instead of a chain like most modern coasters have, Scenic Railway has a cable lift, which the train clamps onto using a camming device.
A series of bunny hills makes up the second half of the ride.
The inner circuit is significantly lower than the outer.
Scenic Railway does two circuits around the park. To facilitate this, there is a left s-bend just before the lift hill, and another s-bend to the right above the station.
The series of drops add a small thrill to an otherwise tame ride.
The far turn provides the best views of the nearby Port Philip Bay.
As can be seen, the ride's track is more like that of a regular train, with two flat rails. Flanged road wheels run along these two rails. In addition to these, there are also guide wheels which run along the sides of the trough-like track.
Scenic Railway also features a number of tunnels for added thrills.
The ride travels so slowly through some of the turns that at times the brakeman has to get out and push the train along.
As its name would imply, it is more of a scenic journey than anything, with great views of the nearby Port Phillip Bay.
The ride is a bit rough in the faster sections, but nothing too painful.