The two tracks meet up towards the bottom again where they hit the final straight together, parallel.
The lawn mowing system at Jamberoo consists mostly of deer. They're all around the toboggan tracks.
The beginners track meanders down the pleasant green hills synonymous with this part of NSW.
Unlike most toboggans, this one is bolted together rather than welded. This makes for a more exciting ride, though not as smooth.
Towards the bottom of the advanced track is a tunnel.
One thing unique about this ride to Australia is its use of the chairlift to transport riders and sleds to the top. Many rides in Europe use this system.
Though it is quite long, this ride uses centrifugal brakes that limit the speed riders can achieve.
The view out from the top of the mountain.
The right track is for beginners, the left being is the advanced track, which is 200m longer.
The top of the mountain, where riders begin their winding journey.
This Wiegand toboggan has two distinct tracks.