DC Rivals HyperCoaster towers over the park with Batwing and Superman Escape.
DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains is a great opportunity to take a spin on all of Movie World's thrill rides at dusk and early evening.
Cresting the second of two airtime heavy camel back hills.
Superman Escape twists into the second of its two large camelback hills.
Superman Escape's sign of the same on the other hand...
DC Comics Super-Villains Unleashed even has subtle references to Superman Escape's MRT.
The long overdue coat of paint is returning the ride to its correct Superman colours.
Salmon-pink Escape is Superman Escape once again.
Superman Escape is being repainted by hand. Ever have to paint anything moderately tricky at home like a lattice? Imagine 760 meters of it...
While the supports are looking bright blue from their recent paint job, the track is noticeably faded still.
The good news is that a small section of track has been repainted during the recent maintenance period as a likely trial for a complete repaint. This is the lowest part of the track, so this work could be completed without any scaffolding or specialist equipment. Superman Escape will be closed for nearly two months from July 18 to September 14, giving a good lengthy period for such complicated work to take place.
Fog envelopes the entire park, meaning there's no escaping the spooky atmosphere of Fright Nights..
The usual rides were operating all night, though there's more than enough to do at Carnivale without entering a ride queue.
Heading up the near-vertical top hat.
Batwing Spaceshot dwarfs Superman Escape by almost 20m (65ft).