Mick Doohan's Motocoaster

Current roller coaster at Dreamworld.
Ridden this?
Nothing says world-class theme park quite like warehouse lighting. "But it's themed to a racing pit-stop!" you tell us. Nicely justified!
The industrial hi-bay lights in Motocoaster's queue might be an attempt at theming, but it really cheapens the night experience on the ride.
Motocoaster... best summed up in a conversation about closed rides at Dreamworld with: "Oh yeah, I forgot about that one."
The old sign has just been tossed over behind the queue, but that's at least better than having it on full display.
And we check in at Motocoaster.
Is it possible that no supervisor, maintenance staff or park official has walked past this faded and tattered banner prominently featured in Motocoaster's queue and thought that maybe it should be replaced?
Motocoaster continues to thrill.
A view of the ride from the paddlesteamer.
Cruising through the last leg of the track.
The Themed are around the queue is made to look like a Pit Stop
Beside the brake run, at the entrance to the ride is a Hall of Fame of famous motorcycle riders.
The loading end of the station.
A look at what will become the Motocoaster's queue switchback area. To enter the queue riders pass under the track.
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The official opening date is expected at some stage in September, though Dreamworld are keeping a close guard on it.