There's heaps of fine detail to spot along the ride, like this artists easel.
Heading up the conveyor at the start of the ride.
Hanging buckets: Warning - You May - Get Wet.
As you move through the queue you pass through a Rafting Expedition operator's headquarters.
This giant carved bear sits at the ride entrance.
Walt Disney: One Man's Dream features an interesting collection of Disney memorobilia. One item featured is a conceptual model of Grizzly River Run at Disneys California Adventure.

The Sun Wheel looks out over the park, with two of Disneyland's mountains visible in the background.

The final drop is a rather unexpected element on this stlye of ride.
Tower of Terror became the first new major attraction since the park debuted in 2001.
The lift takes the rafts to the top of the mountain area where they commence a long wet journey down.

The lift is some 300ft (91m) in length.

As well as the Sierra Nevada landscaping, the area also contains extensive mining theming.