It seems Sea World have discovered the wonders of artificial rust.
A few decomissioned pumps and plumbing as theming is all that remains of Bermuda Triangle.
Attention research crew: your services are no longer required.

Currently? No, it's not.

It's that this mess is being pumped out onto the footpath!

Our favourite part? It's not that there's sludge at the bottom of the empty pool...

Alternatively, if you're going to let the area rust and rot and accumulate bird crap, why not put up fencing that blocks it from the view of guests? Again, it's not that Sea World shouldn't close rides when they have to, it's that when they do they should have a strategy for maintaining the ambience of the area. Plant gardens or build a plywood wall... anything's better than this.

It's even getting hard to tell what's original theming, and what's just junk that's accumulated around the area since.
Even giving the area a bit of a sweep every week or so would be a huge improvement.
Nope. And it's not that theme parks shouldn't be allowed to close rides when they reach the end of their days, it's this kind of mess shouldn't be in plain view of guests.
You'd think for a ride that originally had a rundown theme that it would sit there gracefully once closed.
Speaking of shames, Bermuda Triangle continues to rot.
It's a shame that the Bermuda Triangle volcano couldn't have been incorporated somehow into the new Dinosaur Island.
 A few days after it was announced to be closed for good... 23/11/10 
A classic ride at Sea World.