The ride runs the latest generation Vekoma train design.
There is an extensive amount of theming the track weaves through.
...And another train departs.
A train returns...
The remainder of the ride is a a number of rapid fire turns and helices, taken low to the ground.
One last inversion...Another corkscrew.
After the iconic corkscrew bursting through the building is an inclined Immelmann.
More airtime follows!
Just visible over the brake run, a fast twisting hill follows the first inversion.
The first inversion is a speedy dive loop.
The first drop dives through a limestone-like rocky outcrop.
A steep lift hill leads into a steep and twisted first drop.
Perhaps the one drawback of the ride is the decision to use overhead restraints in a world where lap bars are fast becoming the norm on sit down loopers.
The park has put on a good showing too, with some superb interaction of the coaster with the theming.
Considered somewhat of a Cinderella child for many years, the manufacturer of the ride, Vekoma, has appeared to turn over a new leaf, producing smoother, more exciting coasters.
The main entrance.
Legendia garnered much enthusiast attention in 2017 with the opening of Lech Coaster.