A wild and relentless ride that makes it one of the world's iconic coasters.
After the zero g roll you can see the way it loops around the lift hill structure and comes back via the twisted snake dive and into the mid course brakes.
The first drop, first hill, outward banked hill and zero g roll.
The Town Hall Museum features a model of Steel Vengeance.
Steel Vengeance after dark.
It's akin to being on a bucking bronco as you are flung up and down in the seats.
After a wave turn hidden in the structure, the ride lines up for a wild finale with several small airtime hills.
The 4th inversion, another zero g roll.
You can spy the 3rd inversion buried in the bottom of the structure beneath the first two, another zero g roll.
After the mid course brakes are further hills, including a twisted hill before you dive into the structure.
Coming out of the mid course brake run is an unbanked turn and a sudden drop. Make sure you brace, it can be a bit brutal.
The mid course brake run.
In the background you can see the double up into the mid course brake run.
The next inversion is a twisted snake dive, one where you twist halfway, invert then twist back the way you came.
Next comes a zero g roll and a high turn.
Coming down. The train has a steam engine theme.
Cresting the outward banked hill.
If you hadn't already guessed, this ride pushes coaster engineering to the limits.
The 2nd hill is outward banked.
Cresting the first big hill and around to the next one.