Demolition work underway on Thunder River Rapids.
Without knowing that Thunder River Rapids exists behind this wall, it blends in to the point where it would feel like this is a natural end to the theme park.
The imposing fencing that surrounds Thunder River Rapids makes for quite an intense feeling. It both respectfully hides and simultaneously draws attention to the now infamous ride sitting just the other side of it.
Half the time this is the only way you'll get wet here.
Dreamworld frequently cites Thunder River Rapids as their most popular attraction. But then choose to operate it for only four hours a day outside of peak periods. Which means that for nearly half of their operating hours the ride looks more like a concrete stormwater channel.
Coin operated squirters allow guests to shoot riders on passing rafts at near point blank range.
An Australian theme park has finally gone for the revenue raising opportunity of coin operated squirt guns on a water ride.
I guess you'd call this a used tyre?
From the Buzzsaw queue you also get to see the back end of Thunder River and the old chairlift.
In the warmer months geysers shoot up on Thunder River Rapids.

First in our "interesting paint job" series, Thunder River Rapids.

The rapids are now back in action for the winter.

Seeing the river rapids drained gives a pretty good look at just how they create the rapids.

Thunder River Rapids is currently down for annual maintendance.

If only the theming today were as good as it once was.
The conveyer belt that moves rafts back up to station level.