Rides that are closed throughout the park feature this standard signage.
And of course Dreamworld's bizarre dabbling in the feature film industry is over and the cinema is back to being an underutilised theme park attraction.
Certainly not the biggest thing at Dreamworld, but its central location does make it visible from much of the park.
A footing awaiting placement can be seen to the left.
Concept art indicates that the area will be given a bright green flooring. Likely a soft rubber flooring as commonly found in playgrounds

If you've read the backstory on the Dreamworld website you'd know Jack Darke is a central character in the Buzzsaw backstory.

But nobody did, so to everyone else, Jack is just a lazy bloke who couldn't be bothered opening his drink stand today.

The general gist of the story is that a man was killed in this sawmill, its somewhat haunted.....And you are riding a coaster as a result?

Anyway, bits and pieces of sawmill theming are caged off with these signs upon them.

Dreamworld has its very own heliport to cater for guests wanting to see the park from above.
Looks like the ride gets the thumbs up.
Stay tuned to Parkz as we bring you all the latest as Dreamworld works on its two latest rides!
The park is running a big 8 challenge to coincide with the opening bringing the count of thrill rides at the park to 8 (Cue the responses from people who think Motocoaster shouldn't be counted and it should only be 7)
The old bumper cars haven't just been reused. A new system that has done away with the ceiling mesh has been installed. The floor is divided into electrically insulated metal strips, similar to the Dodgems at Movie World, allowing the cars to operate.
You're on borrowed time!
A Freshwater crocodile baking in the sun.
There are hundreds of metres of piping to transport the pressurised oil to the 48 drive wheels found on the launch track.
Given these really don't serve any practical purpose besides looking cool, we've got to wonder: what came first, the bollards, or the idea to paint people on them?