Thunderbolt featured two 21m tall loops in direct succession after the first drop.
This element was removed in around 2000. Now guests are entertained with classic Australian tunes.
As you can expect from a ride designed to mimic a motorcycle, it'll be a largely low-profile ride without large hills.
The new train picks up quite a bit of speed.
Between tests the undercarriage of the gondola was being inspected. Don't forget to check out the testing video in the Videos section. The Claw opens two weeks from now. Stay tuned for preview photo galleries and reviews.
This morning the gondola arm was fitted.
Vertical construction of the ride isn't far off.
Construction is underway on what will be Dreamworld's second children's area.
A closeup of the 8 person gondola. To date, the only other Intamin vertical attraction to feature this seating arrangement is Mystery Castle at Phantasialand.
The buildings at the ride's entrance will be completed in a matter of weeks with foundations in place.
Rumour has it the kangaroos are currently being refurbished by Mack Rides.
November 10, 2002: Reptar's structure is now complete. Initial stages of landscaping are now underway.
Farmyard Friends has closed, so the sign has been patched up, so now it's effectivley an advert for the Wiggles.
This guy is probably as bored with our Skylink Chairlift and Eureka Mountain puns as you are...

Illuminate is a light and laser show that Dreamworld recently started.

The ride's course remains unchanged despite the removal of tunnels.

And cue 30 minutes of lights, dancing and something that might resemble a storyline.