Progress creeps forward week by week. The gondola and most seats are now attached to the arm.
All that remains is for you to head out and ride.
By cresting over a hill before hitting the brakes, it ensures that the train hits the brakes with enough speed to keep moving down and not roll back onto the course of the ride.
It's no stretch to say that Tiger Island is the park's most pleasant area.
Stay tuned for further updates on the coaster's construction from
Used for talks and school groups.
Construction is also underway on the Dreamworld entrance building, no doubt a non-related project.
The new train picks up quite a bit of speed.
Heading past the Central Cafe, we saw this Peacock making the Ibis jealous.
Some of the many small support poles.
Buzzsaw remains very obviously closed.
This Dronkey seriously looks like it is possesed by the devil.
The artwork extends to the Billabong Restaurant Train Station.
Save for a small handful of workers quietly doing their thing, there's really not much happening here.
Dreamworld has recently completed the 3rd and final area of the Dreamworks Experience...The Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness.
The fenced area just for vehicles and storage gives a good indication of just how big the job is.
Darkness descends as crowds brace for Fire Machine.
Things do feel back to normal in sheer numbers, though of course discounting has factored heavily in recent months and annual passes as low as $49 no doubt filled a few stockings at Christmas.
The outside of the Big Brother complex is nothing more than a white tin shed. Security fences line the perimeter. The trees provide seclusion from the nearby freeway and noises from Dreamworld. The cables overhead carry the camera footage and audio back to the production crew at Dreamworld studios, about 250 metres down the path.