Jeff, preparing for a nap.
As ubiquitous as its namesake tigers is Tiger Island's manager Patrick Martin-Vegue. With the exhibit since inception in 1995, he's almost always on hand to answer questions.
Already known for its loud, mechanical sounds, the newly returned Wipeout is making some new grunts and groans. They are hopefully just a case of components wearing in, because it's quite jarring.

Farmyard Friends has sat dormant for some time now. Time for the stunt show to return to make the paddlesteamer worth riding?

Enormous talons have been added to the supports, bringing the ride to life.
Everyone's favourite ridiculously priced ice cream now has a home at Dreamworld. When is a pint not a pint? When it's 458mL of ice cream!
Laying of cables leading to Nick Central in Gum Tree Gully.
The ride is a stock standard Zamperla Mini Ferris Wheel featuring some fairly uninspiring Play School artwork.

Oh, there are lasers.

There are a number of waves the raft is tossed over. Despite the illusion that is created, the course is actually running towards the viewer.
The tower has received its themed paint job over the past few weeks before it was installed.
A close look at the launch track from side-on.
The ride seems to be under permanent maintenance.
Work is underway on Dreamworlds 'Summer Suprise'.
The Skylink Chairlift continues to be taken over by nature.
Vinyl covers on restraints are all the rage at Dreamworld, though it's not something commonly seen at theme parks around the globe.
It's difficult to see, but this section shows the original series of 90 degree turns found within the mountain that twisted suddenly into the station at the climax of the ride. Here one section of track has been cut out and simply placed upside down on another disused section.The turns were evidently deemed too violent and the section was replaced with a flat outdoor brake run.
Greg's fill-in as the yellow Wiggle, Sam.

SpongeBob FlyPants in early construction.

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