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Another look at the Immelmann and flying snake dive. The flying snake dive only exists on one other coaster at the time of writing; Storm Runner at Hersheypark in Pennsylvania.
Following the top hat is an Immelmann, and a "flying snake dive"....An element which combines half a barrel roll with a plunging exit
From the launch the train competes a 180 degree twist up into a top hat element. In some ways it resembles half a non inverted loop.
The trains are the typical modern, open and comfortable Mack design.
There is an extensive themed queue and pre-show prior to boarding.
There's no hiding the previous style of the buildings prior to this re-theme, creating an odd mix of futuristic and European architectural forms,
The ride is themed to a virtual training exercise on the holodeck.
Some buildings in the park were re-themed as Starfleet Academy.
The semi shuttle effect is achieved by sliding the train sideways out of the station onto a separate section of track joined onto the main layout, allowing the train to launch back and forth without interfering with the station.
The train launches fowards, backwards, then fowards again, travelling up this twisted spike in the process.
Star Trek: Operation Enterprise is a launched 'semi shuttle' coaster, the first of its kind built by Mack Rides.
Water cascades parallel to the drop.
Into the cave.
The boats can seat up to 6, but the back seat is somewhat cramped.
Turn around and Black Mamba is on the horizon.
However a bit of Taron can be just seen poking over the scenery.
The park uses extensive high walls to really box in each themed area.