Riders are on a mission to save a sealion trapped in a cave. Riders are launched from the station into a highy twisted and banked layout, with an enclosed mid ride launch that boosts the ride to top speed.

The ride features a unique style of jet ski seating that features lap bars to secure riders.

Opening DateDecember 26, 2008


Coaster type Steel
Manufacturer Intamin AG
Model Accelerator
Length 560 m
Speed 70 km/hr
Launch system Friction Wheel Hydraulic
G-forces 2.5 g
Capacity 800 people per hour
Trains on track 2
Cars per train 8
Rows per car 1
Seats per row 2
Ride time 0:32 mins
Restraint style lap bars
Braking system Magnetic
Number of Launches 2

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User Reviews

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coasterdude44 8 months ago
A great, innovative coaster with a smart idea, good pacing and unexpected thrills. One of the best family coasters. The only problem is that the fantastic ride is over too quickly
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Jet Rescue (roller coaster)

Zanstabar 11 months ago
This is what a family coaster should be. It appeals to almost every member of the family in a fun and thrilling manner. The story is as cheesy as mozzarella sticks, but it serves it's purpose and helps educate about…
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Jet Rescue (roller coaster)

Santa07 11 months ago
This isn't the biggest or most intense ride on the gold coast, but it certainly is full of fun. The Jet Rescue is a ride that just blew me away. After riding Dreamworld's Motocoaster I was expecting another ride that…
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