Riders are on a mission to save a sealion trapped in a cave. Riders are launched from the station into a highy twisted and banked layout, with an enclosed mid ride launch that boosts the ride to top speed.

The ride features a unique style of jet ski seating that features lap bars to secure riders.

Opening DateDecember 26, 2008


Coaster type Steel
Manufacturer Intamin AG
Model Accelerator
Speed 70 km/hr
Length 560 m
Launch system Friction Wheel Hydraulic
G-forces 2.5 g
Capacity (per hour) 800 people per hour
Trains on track 2
Cars per train 8
Rows per car 1
Seats per row 2
Ride time 0:32 mins
Restraint style lap bars
Braking system Magnetic
Number of Launches 2