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Jet Rescue is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Sea World. Built by Intamin AG in 2008. Read More...

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Jet Rescue review by Aussie Coaster Reviewer

by Aussie Coaster Reviewer, 2 years ago
Rated 4.0 An exhilarating, short-but-sweet ride experience for just about anybody. Its short height and mere 1.25m height restriction will grant just about anybody a fun ride.

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Amazing

Honestly, this ride is just pure fun. Weaving in and out of the rocks on a jet ski... it might not have the stats, but it's certainly got the thrills.

Effectiveness Amazing

As a family coaster, it caters well to the youngsters, but don't be misled – its still extremely fun for all ages (if it's any indication, I rate it above Green Lantern Coaster)

Intensity Medium

The ride is almost entirely composed of sharp, snappy turns. The most extreme is the one coming off the second launch, particularly if you're in the back row.

Rider Comfort Amazing

Considering the positioning of the rider, it's astonishing how comfortable and smooth the entire ride is!

Pacing Good

The ride is consistently exhilarating throughout the course, however I did find it over too quickly to rate any higher.

Theming/Storyline Good

There is no attempt at story, which to me is definitely preferable to a failed attempt at story. Theming wise, the jet ski trains really feel like a jet ski (how I imagine one anyway) though the layout could probably use a bit more water to really enhance that feel.

Upkeep/Presentation Very Good

Nothing wrong with the upkeep, but nothing great presentation wise. The scenery looks great at high speed, but mostly eh from the ground. Fortunately, high speed is primarily how you will see it!

Queue/Efficiency Very Good

Really hard to give a fair rating here with Covid regulations, but they did seem to be cycling their single train as efficiently as the guidelines allow.

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