Throughout the ride's course it features two chain lift hills, two 90º turntables. One of these turntables rotates the boat and sends riders out backwards down a 9m reverse "roller coaster" dip. The direction changes back to forward through a water switchback.

Along the course riders encounter Mexicans imitating sherriffs (from the film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre), geysers, teetering rocks, an exploding train bridge, an Native Indian village and a ghost town in the middle of a ghost fight. The ride culminates with a 20m plunge out of an abandoned mine.

Originally named Wild Wild West as a tie-in with the 1999 film of the same name. It was changed in August 2002 because of a license issue.

On December 5 2004 a fire in the upper section of the ride rendered it out of action for several weeks. After this incident the top section of the ride was crudely rebuilt with all spark effects removed. The replacement scene was a fraction of the extensive theming that was originally in place.

The final 20m plunge features a wall on the western side which dampens the sound of riders' screams for nearby residents.

Opening DateDecember 26, 1998


Ride type Flume
Manufacturer Hopkins Rides
Riders per boat 8
Height 20 m
Speed 70 km/hr
Capacity 1440 people per hour
Seats per row 2
Cost AUD18,000,000
Ride time 6:00 mins

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Zanstabar 11 months ago
This is one ride you can't miss when visiting Movie World. Although it could use with a fair rehab, it can rival the likes of big name flumes around the world.
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Wild West Falls (water ride)

Santa07 11 months ago
It's a great attraction for all ages with awesome theming and a heap of fun on both drops. Best log flume on the gold coast, by far.
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Wild West Falls (water ride)

lolman123 1 year ago
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