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Wild West Falls is a highly rated water ride operating at Warner Bros. Movie World. Built by Hopkins Rides in 1998. Read More...

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Wild West Falls review by Aussie Coaster Reviewer

by Aussie Coaster Reviewer, 2 years ago
Rated 4.5 A superb family attraction with excellent immersion, fun but not intense thrills, and a surprise ;)

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Amazing

This attraction is incredibly fun for the whole family, providing some surprising thrills without being too intense, and the focus being primarily on the excellent theming.

Effectiveness Amazing

Intensity Medium

Without spoiling the ride, there is one quick moment of strong airtime, two moments of weaker airtime, and one surprise that may scare first time riders (No spoilers!)

Rider Comfort Very Good

The logs are largely comfortable and give ample room in the restraints, however the two lift hills are both a bit rough (nothing really to be bothered about though). Note: This is based on the old logs, I believe MovieWorld are installing new ones.

Pacing Amazing

The ride is very long, and though much of it is peacefully floating, the two main thrilling elements are well placed.

Theming/Storyline Amazing

There isn't an overall connecting story maintained throughout the ride; however, you are constantly immersed in the feel of an old west town/mine.

Upkeep/Presentation Amazing

Looks great!

Queue/Efficiency Amazing

Each log only holds a maximum of eight riders, but the operations team always manage to dispatch them very efficiently, so the queue moves along quite quickly. However, in the middle of the day, the ride can still get massive waits from sheer volume of guests, being the only water ride at MovieWorld.

Splash Factor Very High

Expect to be drenched.

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