The front entrance.
The skyline of Cedar Point. From left to right Millennium Force, the former Mantis, Iron Dragon, Power Tower Corkscrew, Top Thrill Dragster and Magnum XL-200 can all be spotted.
MaXair, Kiddy Kingdom and Raptor
Extreme Sports Stadium
Windseeker, Wicked Twister, The Giant Wheel and MaXair can be seen in this shot.
Last Chance Saloon.
The location of Ocean Motion makes it somewhat unloved, as visitors tend to move quickly past, deeper into the park to the bigger rides.
GateKeepers first two inversions in front of the queue.
The transfer track and train storage/maintenance area. Note that in wet weather the ride is limited to one train operation.
An overview of the ride. The last two elements is a midcourse brake run, and a helix, before a wavy section of track leads into the final brakes.
After the inclined dive loop is the sixth and final inversion, a slow inline twist back over the front entry.
The 5th inversion is an inclined dive loop, essentially a dive loop built on a lean.
Approaching the 5th inversion...
Another look at the giant corkscrew.
Cedar Point received an iconic new front entry as part of the GateKeeper project.
Inversion #4 is a Zero G Roll through towers at the front of the park.
The 3rd inversion is a very large corkscrew.
After the dive drop is an airtime hill.
The first two inversions are the dive drop and Immelmann.
In the loading station. The queue is split in half under the station with stairs up to platforms on either side, since there is no means of walking across the track.