What a time to be alive.
Like most rides at Six Flags St. Louis, the theming consists of overgrown grass and chainlink fencing.
American Thunder was built over the Moon Antique Cars
An overview of the somewhat drunken looking layout.
The transfer track is just before you re-enter the station.
One last turn (out of view) and you hop up to the final brakes.
GCI coasters often feature tiny hills taken at speed. When you pass these ones you're nearing the end of the ride.
Next, a 270 degree helix wraps around the first turnaround.
A few more hills follow parallel to the first high trestle in the opposite direction to the train depicted.
High on the 2nd turnaround.
The 2nd turnaround curves around the station.
You drop off the high trestle into a double headchopper under other bits of track.
Following the first turnaround the track stays high as it runs across a few hills elevated on a trestle.
After the first drop its into a high clockwise turnaround.
The first drop is a sweeping turn to the left.
The appropriately patriotic millennium flyer trains.
American Thunder is a GCI wooden coaster. Evidence of the rides previous Evel Knievel theme can be seen with the motorbike jump shaped entrance sign.
Entering the park...."You have a great past ahead of you".
Continuing down the entrance path.