Lightning Run & Tin Lizzies
The Giant Wheel, Lightning Run and FearFall.
The short train allows it to navigate the layout nimbly.
The latter part of the ride consists of a low to the ground slalom of turns, and 3 bunny hills in a row below the lift hill.
The first hill ejects riders out of their seats, with only the lap bar holding them in. What follows is a figure 8 with quick turns and small hills.
The first drop goes straight into an upwards turn.
The station and transfer track area.
The trains look somewhat 90s compared to other coasters being built today.
Lightning Run is the first example of a Chance Rides "Hyper GT-X", essentially a compact hyper coaster with lots of hills with strong airtime and quick turns.
Breakdance, FearFall and Professor John's Flying Machines.
A collection of rides including the Tin Lizzies car track, the FearFall tower, and the purple coloured Rock-A-Bye swing ride.
The first drop of thunder run leads straight into a large banked turn at ground level.
The main entrance and station.
The skate shaped cars.
Of the three sizes of standard model children's coasters offered by Vekoma, this version is the 207m long medium sized version.
Despite the name, the Frightfully Funny Fire Engine isn't particularly frightful.