Signage in place for Junior Driving School.
This downward swooping motion will surely be one of the highlights of the ride's rotation.
With the rider-controlled wings sitting still for testing, the ride is shown in its most basic, unthrilling mode.
Tail Spin has commenced testing with water test dummies in place of actual riders.
The whole ride has been nicely aged to fit the theme.
The main motor awaits installation on the main tower. The ride operation booth sits behind it next to the entrance.
The ride entrance comes together.
The second storey makes good use of forced perspective – it's only about half a storey tall.
Theming elements are embellishing the ride's main control room. Even the corrugated iron has been aged.
The tower looks quite impressive.
The tower has received its themed paint job over the past few weeks before it was installed.
The central tower is in place for Tail Spin.
The steps leading down from Shockwave have been painted blue – with yellow trim for visibility.
The surf shop's repaint has been completed.
It doesn't really contribute to the area's supposed beach theme. Choosing to make concrete look like cheap bitumen is an interesting choice.
It's an interesting choice that's likely been designed to modernize the area.
Dreamworld are going with dark blues and blacks for the pathways around Wipeout.
This bold red and grey gives a good indication of The Claw's new colour scheme. It definitely fits Ocean Beach's new emphasis on bold contrasting colours that started with Wipeout.