While the supports are looking bright blue from their recent paint job, the track is noticeably faded still.
The good news is that a small section of track has been repainted during the recent maintenance period as a likely trial for a complete repaint. This is the lowest part of the track, so this work could be completed without any scaffolding or specialist equipment. Superman Escape will be closed for nearly two months from July 18 to September 14, giving a good lengthy period for such complicated work to take place.
Someone's prayers have been answered...
These facades are only the basic shell – full theming still remains. You can see some of the buildings in the distance have had brickwork intsalled.
The in-park promotion for the area is still very generic without many hints as to what the ride or area will be.
Some buildings are visible from the western section of the park. It will be interesting to see how they blend the two seamlessly, as you can see that the back of these facades has framework in place for a rear-facing facade.
Behind the facades you can see that some are merely flat walls while others will have room, presumably to house special effects and AV equipment for the interactive aspects of the precinct.
Even the downpipes on the buildings have been meticulously painted to blend with the background.
Blending the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster evacuation stairs with the backdrop to make them look like the apartment building's fire escape is a great touch.
There's plenty of land still to be filled with theming. Every minute detail of the Super Villains Unleashed precinct must go through an approval process with DC Comics in the USA.
The ride's control booth is already in place, to allow the ride's electronics and other equipment to be installed.
The elaborate backdrops make excellent use of the towering white sheds that surround the area.
Doomsday Destroyer follows the trend set by Dreamworld's recent flat rides, where the tower has been extensively embellished to suit the theme.
The ride tower awaits its two large swinging arms that will each hold 16 riders.
The site is cleared, the ride is vertical and theming is starting to sprout up.
View from the ground of the 50m freefall tower.
Hair Raiser looking over Sydney Harbour.
Splash Mountain as seen from atop Cinderella's castle.
The slide's extensively themed entrance.