Despite being more family-friendly than the Halloween nights, there's some pretty trippy things happening at Carnivale.
Kudos to Movie World for getting the balance between family-friendly and the real vibe of Carnivale or New Orleans pretty spot on.
Some of the floats are quite bizarre.
Jester riding a peacock? Check.
The alligator float captures the swampy voodoo world of New Orleans.
Like the visuals, the music of Carnivale is very much a pastiche of assorted . Some elements of southern USA, some Caribbean some latin America and plenty of generic party music.
The brass band from earlier finally gets some time to shine.
The riverboat float features towards the end of the parade.
Nothing says New Orleans Mardis Gras quite like a Ford Ranger and plastic beads.
King Neptune features on one float.
Like most parades in recent years at Movie World, the floats are superbly decorated.
A giant disembodied doll's head... that's what I think of when I think Carnivale.