Buzzsaw remains very obviously closed.
Given these really don't serve any practical purpose besides looking cool, we've got to wonder: what came first, the bollards, or the idea to paint people on them?
Everyone's favourite ridiculously priced ice cream now has a home at Dreamworld. When is a pint not a pint? When it's 458mL of ice cream!
Dreamworld's other perennially closed ride, Skylink Chairlift is also coming to life.
Unfortunately its life is in the form of vines that are slowly taking over the structure.
Dreamworld are keeping tight-lipped, though cautiously optimistic about the ride's reopening.
Despite very little changing with its exterior, the ride has undergone extensive testing in recent weeks.
Eureka Mountain is the focus of internal work to determine whether they can bring it back to life.
The railings are being retained, so it seems likely that this is just a refurbishment rather than a significant change to the area.
The old queue for the Paddle Wheeler is being removed, along with much of the decking.
The good news is that construction fences means that the disgusting river isn't easily visible from Rivertown.
I'm pretty sure if you dropped a fishing line into there you'd come up with a cartoon boot.
The river is back looking its delightful, swampy self.
Some of the decor.
$2 gets you 10 squirts over the course of 60 seconds.
Coin operated squirters allow guests to shoot riders on passing rafts at near point blank range.
Some of the "Cyclone generating turbine Facility" theming.
Current condition of the slide in March 2015.
The service counter. Whole pizzas, individual slices, coffee and alcohol are available here.