The loop is an interesting moment, with strong forces, and a moment of diving headfirst on the way out.
Another swoop over the lake, before a turnaround containing a "fly to lie" puts riders on their back in readiness for the loop.
Another look at the horseshoe turn, with riders "flying" around it.
The first drop swoops over the lake and into a horseshoe turn.
At the top the train flips over in a "lie to fly" manoeuvre, ready for the first drop.
The lift hill transports riders to the top on their back.
The devices drop fully flush with the floor, and the trains lock the rows into the lay down position. We're ready for dispatch!
Devices on the edge of the platform gently lower each row into the lay down position.
Guests sit in a reclined seat, pull a lap bar down across their lap and chins, and buckle a padded vest across their chest.
The entrance and test seat.
Nighthawk is a Vekoma "Flying Dutchman" coaster, which holds guests in a laying position through aerial manoeuvres that simulate flying.
Things pick up speed further along.
The first 'drop' is more of a spiral.
Not a lot in the way of theming, so you too will be using your imagination.
Flying Ace Aerial Chase is a family suspended coaster themed to one of Snoopy's pilot daydreams.
The next boarding riders have wet seats guaranteed.
The pleasant entry/queue building.
The ride is named after a real waterfall in North Carolina.
Shoot the chutes? Check.
It's a amusement park staple really.