The ride from above. It travels through a dense woodland setting.
At the end of Carowinds plaza is the border marker.
Once you are inside the park you walk down Carowinds Plaza, with the NC/SC state border down the middle.
A curved ticket building wraps around part of the circular plaza.
Signage that greets you at the grand entrance.
This quirky speed limit sign is a carryover from a Wayne's World themed area that existed during the days of Paramount ownership.
RFD reportedly stands for Rural Free Delivery. Presumably the area is themed after farming towns in the Carolinas.
Part of the Carolina R.F.D. area.
A Chickie's and Petes franchise offers sports bar dining in the Carolina Boardwalk
Carolina Boatworks in the Carolina Boardwalk.
Arbours = happy Parkz authors.
A nice water feature.
Looking back over the new circular grand entrance plaza and ticketing area. The state border can be seen clearly bisecting it. Extensive group picnic areas are on the right, whilst the Carowinds Palladium arena is on the left.
The northwestern side of the park, including Vortex, Slingshot, Ricochet, Carolina Cyclone, Drop Tower and Hurler.
The southeastern side of the park, where we can see Nighthawk, RipCord, Flying Ace Aerial Chase, Windseeker, Intimidator, Southern Star and Afterburn
The eastern side of the park, featuring Carolina Cobra, Carolina Goldrusher and Whitewater Falls. Carolina Harbor is beyond.
From left to right: Intimidator, RipCord, WindSeeker, Nighthawk and the Carolina Skytower.
Once inside the park the first drop of Nighthawk and Windseeker come into view.
Fury 325, with Intimidator in the background.
Looking back across the new circular entrance plaza to the coaster.