The exit of the attraction takes you to a suitably themed gift shop.
The Fun Maze is a simple maze for young children.
Hop and Hoot is a Zamperla Jumping Star.
Apparently Storm Coaster has mascots by way of the cantankerous Mr Rumbles, the crazy Sparky and the loveable Dropette. Did you know about these guys?
Naptime at Polar Bear Shores.
Feeding time at Seal Harbour.
Amity, Sea World's resident Australian Humpback Dolphin, aged about 60, still cruising around the pools.
Despite the show schedule not saying that it doesn't actually exist, the Monorail still boldly advertises SpongeBob ParadePants.
The show schedule has been integrated to the park map, reducing the amount of paper that is wasted each day.
Sea World are running a small fountain in the pool on Jet Rescue to minimise plant and algae growth. Take note, Dreamworld.
To make way for an amazing new attraction, Beach Break Bay has been closed. Oh... and check out our caps!
The area expands out into the land that was recently reclaimed.
It's great to see that much of the vegetation is staying put.
The area will include a handful of new children's rides, including the Gold Coast's first true kids coaster.
Air Sea Explorer seems to be the only ride other than the carousel to have survived the cull for now, though perhaps we'll see some of the old rides join the new ones in different locations.
The existing garden areas look to be staying, and the paths will seemingly follow a familiar route for much of the area.
The old Customs Building has also been removed which really opens up the area they have to work with.
The carousel -- a staple of Sea World from long before Beach Break Bay / Sesame Street Beach / Cartoon Beach -- remains.
Beach Break Bay is now almost completely gone to make way for its replacement.
One of the great things about this time of year at Sea World is that you can basically have the rides to yourself, particularly while shows are on.