And some more world-class Movie World goodness.
And just to wash away some of the bad taste of Hollywood Stunt Driver 2, here's a look at what Movie World can do when they try.
It is good to see some elements of Police Academy making a reappearance, even if it doesn't make a lot of sense.
Lose about half the bike tricks, add about 10 minutes of humour-based plot to justify the stunts and Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 could become more than just a incohesive mess of jumps and doughies.
But at least it has some nifty tricks, right?

It's just the complete lack of a cohesive plot that makes Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 a very weak show. And at a park named Warner Bros. Movie World with a history of great stunt shows, it's disappointing to see the standards slip.

And some of it is very impressive.

You can't deny that the drivers and riders are all incredibly talented.

Did we mention that the loud cars do cool tricks? Vroom!

Some really cool black cars are featured in the show. Not sure what their role in the film is, but if we had to give them a part, then we'd have to write parts for all the drivers. And that's just way too much script-writing!

It's not like it's the flagship show of one of the country's largest tourist attractions or anything...

Cool tricks though... who needs a plot anyway?
So let's assume that the film is set in some nondescript Little Italy somewhere in the USA. Just ignore the European architecture. Those Australian V8 utes on the other hand?
The Morgan Ross film director role seems to have been reduced to a single Segway prop gag that's only about a decade off being current.
The second part is a whole lot of meaningless-but-cool-to-watch vehicle stunts.
There's two basic elements to Hollywood Stunt Driver 2. The first is a very loose plot about putting together a trailer for a new film of some description. This includes the return of a Rodney-esque character from the audience.
A theme park show shouldn't have to stand up to in-depth intellectual scrutiny, but putting together a cohesive set for a show shouldn't be an afterthought. There's just nothing about Hollywood Stunt Driver 2's set that makes any sense!
While the original Hollywood Stunt Driver set just about passed as an Italian-themed set, they simply gave up when it came to Hollywood Stunt Driver 2.
I'm guessing that the Italian American bookshop doesn't have any books on set design or stunt mat placement?
Yeah, just ignore the English/Italian exit sign...
There we are! It doesn't get more US of A than Chuck's Diner.