Each arm suspends a seat, and lifts individually for safe operation.
The Yo Yo is an interesting type of chairswing ride.
The food area features multiple counters with options such as Italian, Asian, Southern BBQ and more.
Harmony Hall is inspired by German Beer Halls, and provides a wide variety of food, extensive seating, live shows, and films. It's a great way to escape the weather.
Looking down over the station area and Harmony Hall.
Despite it's intimidating height, the ride experience is quite accessible.
Arriving at the final brakes.
The remainder of the ride features a mid-course brake run, dip, and a helix.
The main bit of the layout features three hills, and a hammerhead turnaround. The design is definitely very typical B&M hyper.
After the first drop is an elevated right turn.
The long spanning first drop.
Heading up the 70.7m / 235ft lift hill.
The stock car themed train nosing.
The train features a staggered seating design, which creates a greater sense of openness and clearer panoramic field of view, but at the expense of the back row riders being able to sit close to each other.
There's a bit of NASCAR flavouring with this track underpass type tunnel.
The main entrance.
The ride is themed around deceased NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt.
Intimidator is a hyper coaster, combining big hills with high speed. This was once the biggest coaster at Carowinds till the park decided to one up themselves.