The ride name translates to "Ghost of the Alps".
The park maintains a collection of modern thrills and well maintained classics.
Busch Gardens is a refreshing change from theme parks that plonk coasters on flat areas of grass, gravel or bitumen.
Whilst the splashdown won't get you too wet, a set of coin operated water guns can leave you soaked.
Inside the building are various fire effects and moving props that recreate the dormant Mt Vesuvius springing back to life.
The ride begins with a slow climb up the conveyor out of the station.
The Immelmanns on Griffon come alive in the outside seats.
The final drop out of a Sawmill.
The ride features a dual.loading station.
As is typical of flume rides built in the era it spends a lot of time doing turns high in the air.
Le Scoot is a log flume with a French Canadian theme.
About to drop into the final half of the ride.
Returning to the station after a wild run.
Another look at Alpengeists cobra roll.
The first drops of Alpengeist and Griffon, with Skyride threading through it all.
Pompeii was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD.
The queue winds through an archeological dig.