The main entrance.
An overview of some of the rides, including Fairly Odd Coaster, Rock Bottom Plunge, Backyardigans Swing-a-long, Avatar Airbender and El Circulo Del Ceilio.
The back corner of the park, with Shell Shock, Dutchmans Deck, and of course, Orange Streak running about.
The entrance to Avatar Airbender, with Orange Streak and Fairly Odd Coaster running over everything.
Backyardigans character sculpts.
Log Chute, Orange Streak and Fairly Odd Coaster
Avatar Airbender is an Intamin Halfpipe coaster with an "air and fire" design on the board shaped car. Orange Streak crosses over.
Ghostly Gangplank features various bridges and tightropes of varying difficulty. The Barnacle Blast zipline begins where the large themed cannon is.
The Anchor Drop slides (Built by Wiegand) with the Ghost Blasters shooting dark ride below.
Dutchman's Deck Adventure Course includes an overhead track guided ropes course: Ghostly Gangplank.
Like most log flumes at American parks, the manufacturer got their moneys worth by including lengthy sections elevated in the air for no particular reason.
Floating through a wilderness of a rocky gorge....and steel ducts.
Log Chute stands out in that it was one of the few rides in the park that didn't receive Nickelodeon theming in the transition away from the parks previous identity as Camp Snoopy.
The 2nd part of fairly odd coaster laps around the Backyardigans Swing-A-Long
Brain Surge is a modern take on the classic "Looper" ride. The experience is a bit like being attached to a wheel rolling down a undulating road.
From the midcourse brakes is a quick turn and another overbank. Note the odd support on the left which avoids the clearance envelope of the track below.
A tight turn leads to the midcourse brakes.
Following directly on is the 2nd inversion, a hybrid between a corkscrew and a barrel roll.