Examples of facades used for the original Studio Tour.
The original tour took you through a small backlot at the adjacent studios.
Superman seen at Movie World before a lengthy sabbatical. The character was not reintroduced until 2016.
Bugs Bunny riding down Main Street in the gold convertible that is seen in many photos and footage from Movie World's early days.
1930s gangsters + Looney Tunes.
The parade featured the cast of the Police Academy Stunt Show among others.
In its original form, the street had a quaint small-town vibe.
A photo of Movie World's Main Street from prior to the installation of its permanent roof.
The multicoloured train uses vest harnesses instead of the old OTSRs that were used on Cyclone's train. The train has also been fitted with speakers that blast music during the ride.
While little remains of it, the Big Banana is located in an actual banana plantation. There are self-guided and guided tours available of the remnants of this farm.
The Big Banana itself is now an icon of the Coffs region, and houses the Coffs City tourist information centre. It is believed to have been the first of Australia's "Big Things".
As well as the more theme park-like attractions, the Big Banana is home to several interesting stores, including a nursery, an opal and gem shop, a candy factory and a cheese factory.
The mini golf course, while small, is well-themed and rather quaint.
The 2015 water park features four large scale slides and a kid's play area. It operates in 90-minute sessions throughout the day.
At the top of the hill is the laser tag attraction.