The entrance to Apocalypse, a 2009 wooden coaster.
Entrance to the Dragon's Kingdom themed children's area.
Free Fall is a Huss Shot n Drop tower ride.
Abyss features three inversions; here the train navigates the dive loop. Abyss is the only coaster in Australia to feature a dive loop, or the immelmann loop seen in the foreground.
Abyss is a Eurofighter coaster – the only ride of its kind in Australia.
Riders head into the 100ยบ first drop – a steeper-than-vertical plummit.
Poltergeist is a Premier Rides LIM launched coaster that propels riders at at 97km/hr (60mph) into a twisted array of inversions and turns.
The unique vertical loop/top hat element on Full Throttle.
Coast Rider replaced Perilous Plunge.
Coast Rider features a layout identical to several other Mack wild mouse coasters, including the nearby Technic Test Track at Legoland California which is a mirror image.
With the demise of Perilous Plunge, the area was reimagined with a retro boardwalk amusement park theme.