Entering the park...."You have a great past ahead of you".
Continuing down the entrance path.
A snaking path leads from the car park to the main entrance. Seemingly everyone has to go in through that small door on the left!
The first sign of Silver Dollar City.
Silver Dollar City is a very leafy and pleasant park with a fair bit to discover if you take the time to really explore.
Main Street is the first area encountered when entering the park.
Hugo's Hill Street.
The "Valley Road" precinct.
The "Riverfront" area of the park.
The large number of boutiques and craftsman displays means many visitors come solely for these things, without boarding a single ride.
The park features hilly, leafy, winding pathways.
This heavy granite ball moves effortlessly on a small film of water.
Just like sister park Dollywood there is a chapel onsite, and Sunday services are provided for park goers to attend.
A water lifter supplies an elevated aqueduct.
Suspension bridge.
Squeeze the teats and water comes out in lieu of milk.
One of the more interesting interactives is the "milk cow".
Silver Dollar City features a few fun diversions. Here you crank water to make toy frogs float down the chutes.
At the mill you can buy flour produced on site, as well as baked goods and sweets.
The blacksmith.