The top of the 2nd drop is enclosed.
The theming on the Plunge gives the Vikings Flume at Sea World a run for its money.
The new attractions that constitute the northern expansion of the park.
The rear end of the ride.
Hashtag Aussie World.
Professor Bogglesworth's Illusionarium is a walkthrough where groups wander through several rooms with quite impressive optical illusions, including spinning tunnels, seemingly bottomless pits, interesting lighting, mirrors, and even a revolving room.
The parks game arcade.
The plunge is a short flume ride with two drops (One of which is a double dip), and is probably the highest capacity in the park.
The Giant Slide provides a new perspective of the Wild Mouse.
A nice piece of perspective pavement artwork hints at the contents of the attraction.
Blades of grass form a sort of tunnel around the turns at each end of the ride.
Since its opening season, a canopy over the station and a spooky house have been added to the ride.
Rock n Roll Rebel was renamed Dark Rebel in recent times, with an updated lighting and music package.