The main entrance.
The ticket booths.
The parks river is really just a dammed up tributary of the nearby James River.
The name Tempesto translate to "Storm" in Italian.
The final element is a "non inverting loop" which the train negotiates before ending up back at the station where it is brought to a stop.
The track then drops sharply into a vertical spiralling drop. Ride in the back for maximum airtime!
Eventually the train has enough speed to make it up the vertical spiral on the right and through a slow in-line twist high in the air.
Using electromagnetic propulsion, the train is launched back and forth a few times thorough the station, progressively picking up speed and climbing higher up the track on each side with each pass.
At the bottom of the ride is a set of LSMs....
The attraction has one of the most elegantly simple approaches to dealing with guest loose items. Just lend people bum bags to wear during the ride on the way in and have them drop them off on the way out.
The entry portal through a wooden "Loop-de-loop" hints at the ride experience to come.
The ride is themed to a travelling carnival stunt show.
Tempesto is a Sky Rocket II coaster.
It's certainly the loudest area in the park.
Some creatively themed height checking stations, to allow guests to determine what rides they are permitted on.
The Union Jax gift shop.
The London Rocks stage.
The first zone guests pass through (And the last) is the English village of Banbury Cross, centred around the park entrance.