With five cubs on hand, it's a great time to happen upon a cub or two taking a stroll with the handlers through the grounds of Dreamworld.
And what update wouldn't be complete without a photo of Eureka Mountain Mine Ride? Here it looks roughly as it did a decade ago when it closed to the public.
Rumour has it the kangaroos are currently being refurbished by Mack Rides.
No kangaroos to see here...
If this keeps up then we'll have to find things to take photos of other than bodies of water.
The river is once again looking picturesque.
New shade sails even blend in nicely with existing ones.
Though obviously cost-effective in its design and construction, there's no reason that a casual guest would ever know or think it's temporary.
And every effort has been made to ensure that the exhibit is as complete as it can be.
The area is very impressive for a temporary attraction.
We're not sure who has the better life... the tigers that lay around all day, or the handlers who get to join them.
In place of Tiger Island and to make the most of its five tiger cubs, a makeshift Tiger Cub Kindy exhibit has appeared in Ocean Parade. Here a demountable building houses the newest additions from Japan: so fresh that they're still in quarantine.
With the area well and truly off-limits, meaningful progress updates will be fairly few and far between.
The area is set to feature a vastly changed theme and atmosphere, with celebrity landscaper Jamie Durie's Durie Design steering the project's landscape and design work.
Tiger Island will be upgraded to include a 500 seat stadium and vastly reimagined viewing and experience areas.
Tiger Island is now off limits as work commences on a massive $7 million refurbishment of the 21 year old attraction.
One of the giant surfboards is having its logo redone, barely a year after the ride came out of a major refresh.
The work is fairly standard maintenance; right now it is focused on the gondola and restraints.
Wipeout is down for annual maintenance.