The Abbey Stone theatre typically runs an Irish dancing spectacular.... At the time of this visit, "Celtic Fyre".
Castle O'Sullivan is a buffet restaurant with Sesame Street character dining.
Killarney is an authentic recreation of an Irish village.
Entering the Scottish section.
Village backstreets.
The only place you'll see an advertisement for Peugeot in the US?
The French section of the park is home to several boutiques, cafes selling crepes and chocolates, and a wine tasting bar.
The style of the building is similar to those in the Rhineland.
Wandering through the German village.
The threshold into the German section of the park.
Guests can sit on long tables with a beer and some German cuisine and enjoy the large scale show.
Festhaus is the largest eating and entertainment venue in the park, reminiscent of a German Oktoberfest beer tent.
The main entrance and tree house, with the Skyride passing through.
The net climb area also features slides and musical instruments.
Flutter Splutter has dragons that bob up and down whilst the ride rotates.
The Eggery Deggery ferris wheel, and the Chug-a-Tug round boat ride.
Opened over 20 years ago, Land of the Dragons is one of the better kids theme park areas out there.