The last dip before the final brakes.
Heading towards the lift hill.
Loading in the station.
Three levels of track.
The ride has a stacked figure 8 layout.
The ride was installed back when the park was known as "Riverside Park".
The classic amusement park style entrance.
Thunderbolt is the oldest coaster at Six Flags New England.
The main entrance of Six Flags New England.
This building previously housed one of the stations of the New England Skyway.
The Rockville USA area of the park.
Various rides, including Wicked Cyclone, Flashback, and Pandemonium.
Six Flags New England has the strange honour of two types of Vekoma boomerang side by side.
Superhero bench engraving.
Superman phone booth.
Hall of Justice
DC Super Heroes Adventures
At over 1.6km / 1 mile long, the ride lasts for a solid two and a half minutes.
The combination of plenty of airtime, fast pacing, and a good mixture of turns and other elements make this ride a winner.