Beaver Brothers Bay
A selection of the varied offerings at the western end of Darien Lake.
The layout consists of a couple of "out and back" runs of hills and turns but finishes off with a helix.
The coaster runs standard Philadelphia Toboggan Company trains.
Predator is a somewhat curvy out and back wooden coaster.
One last hill and you hit the brakes.
There's one last big helix (450 degrees) followed by a succession of smaller airtime hills.
After the large helix is a 2nd smaller hill.
After the first big hill the train heads around a very wide 540 degree helix.
The first drop leads into a left hand turn and a large airtime hill.
The lift hill takes the train to the top of the first drop; a height of 63.4m
Ride of Steel is a hypercoaster featuring large hills and large low to the ground turns.
The 3rd inversion is a vertical loop.
After the station you immediately head through the double inverting "Cobra Roll".
The train is hauled backwards from the station to the top. It is then released, rolling down the drop and rushing back through the station.