The Perfect Storm combines two Tornado 24 elements with the larger Tornado 60 funnel. The ride will feature extensive lighting effects in these enclosed funnels.
Concept art of 'Banjo's Billabong'.
The Perfect Storm (left) features smaller Tornado 24 elements in addition to the fullsized Tornado 60.
3D projections of the The Perfect Storm (left) and Funnel Web (right) slides from manufacturer ProSlide.
The dangling hoses can be seen awaiting connection.
Superman Escape is being repainted by hand. Ever have to paint anything moderately tricky at home like a lattice? Imagine 760 meters of it...
The Wild West Falls refurbishment is also housing a lot of cladding and materials for Fright Night mazes.
Fright nights are barely five weeks away, so work is well underway.
Fencing materials lie along the road into Movie World.
The materials will see much of this stretch of land enclosed with a new permanent fence.
The area will soon be paved.
The gates are back in place.
Concerns about the quality of the faux brickwork are being resolved with the finer details being worked on.
Riders will enter from the far end of the precinct, with queue switchbacks seen under the "...Destroyer" signage.
The area is really coming to life. The tanker truck didn't quite fit under its awning... classic Super-Villain stitch-up.
Water-based mist will be pumped from nozzles found around the ring, as shown in the ride teaser footage.
The ring definitely completes the ride's look.
Access hatch that allows the installation,connection and maintenance of the ride's special effects.
These joints will be covered to match the rest of the ring.
There's not been a new attraction at an Australian theme park in recent years that has looked so close to completion this far ahead of opening. Doomsday Destroyer still isn't due open until early October.