The Waturi Beach wavepool sits in the looming shadows of the Krakatau volcano at the centre of the park.
The monolithic Krakatau volcano forms the central hub of the sprawling water park.
Just like the ancient Waturi people who rode the ocean waves on friendly sea turtles and whales, guests can enjoy these two twisting, turning, multi-person slides. Honu sweeps up two massive walls, while Ika Moana sprays water on riders from the center of the raft.
The lazy river attraction at Volcano Bay.
Track, trains and other components from the Expo 88 monorail were sold to Sea World who operated a smaller but technically identical system.
This ride was a rare example of a Vekoma suspended coaster.
As seen at Expo 88, the ride sits at the eastern end of what is now the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.
Expo 88's Titan now lives at Wonderla in India, following relocation to Wonderland Sydney and later Alabama Adventure. The first three parks it lived at were all closed for financial reasons.
World Expo Park occupied what is now the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. The Titan roller coaster sits in the eastern (top) corner, Centrifuge in the middle and the indoor coaster Supernova in the large black building at western end of the park.
The monorail glides above what is now Southbank Parklands in Brisbane.
The Titan towers over closing day crowds at Expo 88.
The ride features a hydraulic floor to ensure dangling legs are well clear of the ground below.
Doomsday Destroyer's turquoise control booth is seen adjacent to the ride.
The ride will effectively be boxed in by buildings, with open pathways filling the remaining dirt areas.
The nearly completed ride will sit unopened for several more months as the ride's themed area is completed around it.
The attraction's immersive surrounds are taking shape.
Zombie Evilution currently only operates as a scare maze attraction at the park's Screamworld nights.
The steampunk inspired entrance to Twisted Colossus.
Sixteen years on, the ride's once bold Bryce Canyon (via Disneyland) inspired rock formations have taken on a somewhat grimier appearance.
While the supports are looking bright blue from their recent paint job, the track is noticeably faded still.