From left to right across the lake you can see Vortex, the Grand Carousel, Flying Bobs and Sea Dragon
The bumper cars come in an adult and children's version, conveniently side by side.
Grand Carousel
Whitewater Express is a small log flume.
This pirate ship ride was previously located at Michael Jackson's private theme park.
At maximum height.
Vortex rotates whilst swinging just beyond vertical.
The lazy river passes in front of Tiki Island
The ride base and the arms rotate. The pairs of seats sit on an axle, so can flip side to side freely.
Perhaps the most intense and least intense rides sit side by side.
Scat ii is another ride that sticks you to the walls. However this one moves around like an eggbeater.
Starship 4000 is a carnival staple. You're spun around inside at 30rpm till you stick to the walls.
Zero G is a medium sized drop tower. A similar ride exists at Luna Park in Sydney.
Ragin' Rapids Slides and Jumping Jumbos
Tornado is a new "twist" on a typical chairswing ride. Guests can make their "ball" spin as fast as they want by grabbing and turning a wheel between them.