Inclined dive loop goes up on Movie World's hypercoaster

The new roller coaster at Warner Bros. Movie World continues to shape up as its second element – an inclined dive loop – is put into place.

Image: pushbutton (Parkz forums). The inclined dive loop shapes up with a few sections of track yet to be installed.

Following on from the Stengel Dive, which was the first element to be installed, construction has continued onto the very next element on the ride, taking the form of an inclined dive loop. Like the Stengel Dive, the inclined dive loop is the first of its kind on an Australian roller coaster.

The inclined dive loop will be the turnaround point for the ride, where it heads back for the second half of the ride.
Forum photo by Theme Park Girl

Characterised by a steep, curving drop that twists towards the ground, the element features an overbanked apex, much like the preceeeding Stengel Dive. Both elements feature on roller coasters around the world, and have featured on previous installations by Mack Rides, the German manufacturer behind Movie World's new coaster.

The inclined dive loop on Movie World's roller coaster will be a reversed version of a similar element seen on Lewa Adventure's Flash, another hypercoaster built by Mack Rides.

Movie World's roller coaster is expected to open in September. It will be the largest roller coaster ever built in Australia.

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