Dreamworld's Tower of Terror 2 closed for unscheduled maintenance

Tower of Terror 2 at Dreamworld has been suddenly closed as it undergoes unscheduled maintenance relating to the ride control system.

Image: Parkz. Tower of Terror 2 has closed for unscheduled maintenance. Its reopening is scheduled for May 15.

Maintenance – both scheduled and unscheduled – is a normal part of theme park operation. Late last week Dreamworld's Tower of Terror II abruptly closed for unscheduled maintenance.

Dreamworld provided Parkz with the following statement:

Tower of Terror 2 is currently under maintenance to review and improve the consistency of position sensors that are part of the ride control system. This work is consistent with our aims of maximising ride reliability and sustainability of rides across the park. We expect this work to take approximately seven more days.

Dreamworld Spokesperson

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Dreamworld's maintenance page was also updated to list Tower of Terror 2 as closed for maintenance from 29 April - 14 May. It was originally scheduled for annual maintenance from 29 May to 26 June. Dreamworld have not yet advised whether this planned maintenance will still proceed at the end of the month.

Reports from members of the Parkz forums indicates the ride was closed due to operational issues as early as 28 April.

A photo posted in the Parkz forums earlier this week shows the ride closed.
Forum photo by Theme Park Girl

Tower of Terror uses a linear-synchronous motor (LSM) to propel its vehicle at speeds of up to 160km/hr. At the time of its opening in January 1997 it was the fastest and tallest ride in the world. In 2010 the ride's vehicle was replaced, oriented so that riders launch backwards and the ride rebadged as Tower of Terror 2.

The LSM technology relies on precise sensors and controls to activate electromagnets with pinpoint accuracy.

It is believed that the ride system has not been substantially modified since opening, unlike Six Flags Magic Mountain's Superman: Escape from Krypton, an identical duel-track version of the same ride in California. At the time of its upgrade with similar new trains in 2011 it was reported to have received significant upgrades to its ride system that improved its reliability and consistency.

Superman: Escape from Krypton at Six Flags Magic Mountain – an indentical ride to Dreamworld's Tower of Terror – underwent significant upgrades in 2010 to improve its reliability and performance.

The ride operates a single vehicle on its L-shaped track. Failsafe brakes sit at both ends of the track to ensure reliable and smooth stopping in the event of a launch misfire or power outage. The ride's vehicle relies only on the forces of gravity on its 115m vertical track and it is unable to come to a halt any any point other than on its low, accessible launch track.

Dreamworld are currently indicating that Tower of Terror 2 will reopen on Monday, 15 May.

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