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Arkham Asylum - Shock Therapy was a roller coaster located at Warner Bros. Movie World. Built by Vekoma in 1995. Read More...

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Arkham Asylum - Shock Therapy review by Teddy

by Teddy, 3 years ago
Rated 5.0 Arkham Asylum is by far the best Vekoma SLC in the world beacuse of it's smoothness and intense inversions. It also has some really good theming and a great Vr system

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Amazing

Arkham Asylum is a very fun and intense roller coaster and one of my personal favourites. It whips riders through many intense inversions, it's smooth and is by far the best Vekoma SLC in the world.

Effectiveness Amazing

Intensity Very High

Arkham Asylum keeps its speed from start to finish and whips riders through many intense inversions and helixes

Rider Comfort Amazing

Arkham Asylum is very smooth especially for a Vekoma SLC. It does have its rough moments, such as when it's going through the roll over. Beacuse of the special type of over the shoulder restraint, Arkham Asylum has no head banging ever.

Pacing Amazing

Arkham Asylum is has really good pacing, from start to finish riders are being whipped through many intense inversions and never losses any of its speed.

Theming/Storyline Amazing

The theming for this ride is fantastic, it looks exactly like how I think Arkham Asylum would look in real life. There are so many theming elements that the average rider might miss. There is no theming during the, but Movie World installed a Vr system to the ride, so that isn't too much of a problem.

Upkeep/Presentation Amazing

The roller coaster is still looking good, but even if it did start to rust, it would benefit the Arkham Asylum theme.

Queue/Efficiency Very Good

The operations for Arkham Asylum are really slow, due to the operators checking riders Vr headsets. Since for some reason this ride never attracts a very long line, resulting in short waits.

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