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DC Rivals HyperCoaster is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Warner Bros. Movie World. Built by Mack Rides in 2017. Read More...

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DC Rivals HyperCoaster review by Patrick

by Patrick, 1 year ago
Rated 5.0 Absolute cracker this one is. Overall a very comfortable and exhilarating journey the ride shall take you on during its many twists, turns, inversions and drops.

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Amazing

Overall this ride was a smooth comfortable ride with exhilarating twists, turns and inversions.

Effectiveness Amazing

Well it definitely lives up to the name "hyper-coaster".

Intensity Very High

This rides elements of fear and airtime have to be some of the best, if not the best but there is possible better.

Rider Comfort Amazing

Seats and restraints were very comfortable.

Pacing Amazing

Really good length, a nice long coaster.

Theming/Storyline Very Good

Upkeep/Presentation Amazing

Well maintained gardens as you enter, cleanliness was great.

Queue/Efficiency Amazing

I've only ever ridden with a fast-track pass so I've never had to que for this ride before the line appeared to move swiftly.

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4.3 / 5.0 – Very Good

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