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DC Rivals HyperCoaster is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Warner Bros. Movie World. Built by Mack Rides in 2017. Read More...

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DC Rivals HyperCoaster review by Fulledup

by Fulledup, 1 month ago
Rated 4.5

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Enjoyment Amazing

A Great ride very intense Definitely the best ride in the park. The drop is insane very fast, and you get thrown down it so quick. The huge airtime hill after the drop is also insane your weightless! The standout of the ride for me would be the non-inv loop it is insane, you get whipped round it so fast and thrown down

Effectiveness Very Good

Sadly the theming lets this ride down which doesn't matter too much because the ride is great. But some decent theming could definitely boost the ride a bit.

Intensity Very High

Very intense ride its great.

Rider Comfort Amazing

The train design is very nice. The seats are deep enough that you cannot touch the ground making those airtime hills even crazier.

Pacing Amazing

The passing of the ride is very good the only standout moment that slows down the ride a little be is the helix, but you can't really tell.

Theming/Storyline Very Good

The theming is just some big posters the sign out the front of the ride is great and the purple track above it is perfect but the ride doesn't offer to much of a story line.

Upkeep/Presentation Very Good

The ride still looks new there was some faded parts, but they will repaint that during the Maintenace period. This ride has definitely been looked after.

Queue/Efficiency Very Good

Its good operations you pull down your lat bar and they will do the seat belt for you then your off!!

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