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The Gold Coaster is a roller coaster operating at Dreamworld. Built by Arrow Dynamics in 2001. Read More...

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The Gold Coaster review by Thomas Day

by Thomas Day, 6 years ago
Rated 3.0 Although the theming to this roller coaster is exceptional, the tedious and long queues and the lack of on ride comfort, means that this is a ride I won't be riding again any time soon. It comes as no surprise why the queue can often be very short, if any, and that the ride doesn't appear to be running very often.

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Good

This coaster has its thrilling moments, but it's not one to be remembered for long.

Effectiveness Very Good

The coaster is true to the descriptions and marketing. The trains certainly are "hot", and there are most certainly loops on the coaster.

Intensity Very High

There are occasional sudden turns, and some loops, where riders are taken upside down.

Rider Comfort

This coaster is extremely rough and uncomfortable, and made me feel quite sick and dizzy afterwards. One can expect their head to be thrashed back and forth against the harness. Therefore, I only rode it once.

Pacing Good

The coaster is of a decent length. It's runs for a suitable time, as I wouldn't want to ride it for long, due to the previously mentioned problem.

Theming/Storyline Amazing

The theming is exceptional and very impressive, the best part of the ride. Riders should expect to experience a Hotwheels theme before and during, queuing. There are large model cars and car tyres throughout, and the queue is extremely bright.

Upkeep/Presentation Good

Although the paint on the track is fading, the queue and surrounds are kept very well maintained, and it appears the coaster train is also maintained well. However, at times, the on ride audio fails.

Queue/Efficiency Average

The queue is extremely long and tedious, however, it's presented very well, in terms of theming. The exit queue can be very confusing, and also frustrating, though. More specifically, the queue to and from is a giant upwards spiral, so lots of walking is required.

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