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Jet Rescue is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Sea World. Built by Intamin AG in 2008. Read More...

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Jet Rescue review by Gtmichaels

by Gtmichaels, 3 years ago
Rated 4.0 This ride has been a childhood favourite, and should be honoured for still thrilling me 10 years later!

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Very Good

This ride never gets old! The feeling of riding a jet ski at high speeds next to your family and friends will always be the reason for being a pretty enjoyable ride to me.

Effectiveness Very Good

The ride seems fast, fun and exciting just from looking at it. I can tell you it is exactly the crazy ride it comes off to be.

Intensity Medium

This ride is fairly intense as a family coaster, and could be a step away from being classified as a thrill ride. The initial launch is surprisingly intense, and the sharp turns and continuous speed add up for a family ride that even thrill seekers will enjoy. It is especially intense on the back row!

Rider Comfort Very Good

The ride's restraint system is comfortable, and allows room in order for your body to experience the awesome launch.

Pacing Very Good

A good length for a launched roller coaster.

Theming/Storyline Very Good

The ride is stationed on water surrounded by rocks, with many screens showcasing how our mission is to save marine life by using the jets, hence the name Jet Rescue.

Upkeep/Presentation Amazing

The ride has kept it's shape and presentation well intact!

Queue/Efficiency Very Good

The queue moves at an efficient rate.

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