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Jet Rescue is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Sea World. Built by Intamin AG in 2008. Read More...

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Jet Rescue review by Teddy

by Teddy, 3 years ago
Rated 1.0 Jet Resque is not very intense and has a very boring layout. The theming for the ride is not very good, as the Tv telling risers what is happening never seems to be working and there isn't much theming during the ride

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Average

The ride is not very intense and does not have very good theming, but most of the ride is pretty smooth, except for the end, where the lap bar starts to dig into your hip.

Effectiveness Good

Intensity Low

Jet Rescue does not feel very intense, except for the occasional slightly intense helix and includes no air time.

Rider Comfort Average

Jet Resque seems pretty smooth throughout most of the ride, but by the end of the ride, the lap bar starts to dig into your hip and is quite painful.

Pacing Good

The ride is not to short and is one of the longer launch coasters in Australia.

Theming/Storyline Good

The Tv telling riders about that you are trying to save a sea lion from who knows what never seems till be working. There is also not much theming during the ride except for a few rocks, a tunnel and a squeaking sea lion.

Upkeep/Presentation Good

It seems alright

Queue/Efficiency Amazing

This ride is normally running 2 trains and has very fast operations, resulting in very short waits fur this coaster.

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