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Leviathan is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Sea World. Built by Martin & Vleminckx in 2022. Read More...

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Leviathan review by Rivals

by Rivals, 1 year ago
Rated 4.5 Top 3 in Australia alongside Steel Taipan and DC Rivals, not sure it’s position but very excited to see this ride finally operating. I wouldn’t be mad if another park decided to install a new wooden coaster, im hoping it happens sooner rather then later.

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Amazing

The ride is very fun and exhilarating, with elements such as the double down and the 90° turn being two of the many highlights.

Effectiveness Amazing

The ride was marketed and presented as a very thrilling family coaster, which i think it fits that perfectly.

Intensity Very High

The ride isn’t forcefully intense like Steel Taipan and Superman, but racing through the structure with rapid twists and turns with pops of airtime throughout is very fun and thrilling, it’s very reridable.

Rider Comfort Amazing

Restraints were comfortable but besides that, the ride is very smooth and is rattley in a non painful way, never ridden a wooden coaster so i thought the rattles would feel rough but it didn’t at all.

Pacing Amazing

The ride never gave up from start to finish and the sense of speed was insane, it felt a lot faster then the 80km/h listed.

Theming/Storyline Amazing

Best themed ride in Australia, hands down. The Queue-Line, entry corridor into the station and the station itself was remarkable.

Upkeep/Presentation Amazing

Due to the ride being new, the theming and ride itself are very well upkept and well presented.

Queue/Efficiency Very Good

Due to the show in the station, the ride did stack on the break run a lot but still felt like the queue-line moved at a reasonable pace.

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