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Sky Voyager is a highly rated flat ride operating at Dreamworld. Built by Brogent Technologies in 2019. Read More...

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Sky Voyager review by TheDoctor

by TheDoctor, 2 years ago
Rated 3.5 Dreamworld is slowly trying to reinvent themselves by throwing cash into new attractions without any hard-hitting roller coasters. Warner Brothers Movie World is just a 10-minute bus ride away and it is pulling in 45-60 minute wait times on their most popular rides on a Monday. This ride just seems like an effort to draw more people into the park. The quality of the mechanical part of the ride is perfect... however, for the ride itself, I'd say that while it was a great idea to show off the natural beauty of Australia, the video falls short of a real hard-hitting emotional experience. While it may not be fair to compare this ride to Soarin in California/Florida, it's really the only thing I can compare it to! The fact is that the video on Disney's version leaves me with a sense of wonder and happiness while Sky Voyager leaves me pretty satisfied, yet with no desire to re-ride.

TIP, try to sit in the middle of the BOTTOM ROWS, the bottom is much better for immersion as the cutoff of the screen is further away.

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Very Good

The quality of the building and ride itself is undoubtedly high, however, just falls short with interest in the movie shown during the flight.

Effectiveness Good

The park is advertising this ride as an incredible new experience as a way of drawing new guests into the park, however it just doesn't have the emotional impact it could have. Biggest complaint is that the size of the screen being cut off at the top breaks immersion.

Rider Comfort Amazing

Very comfortable and clean seats. The ride was brand new when I rode it so we will have to see how well it is maintained but right off the bat, very comfortable.

Pacing Amazing

The build-up in the queue, the pre-flight movie, and the ride itself was well-timed and planned. I have no complaints with regard to timing.

Theming/Storyline Good

No real story to it, more of just a concept of flying. Themed well to a very clean modern hangar/airport-style building.

Upkeep/Presentation Amazing

The ride was brand new when I rode it so it was very clean but we will have to see how well it is maintained.

Queue/Efficiency Good

Ok, I rode it twice and the first time the doors didn't open so engineers needed to be called to override. Took 20 minutes for a 10-second fix. This only actually bothers me because it is such a new ride that I didn't expect to run into problems.

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