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Star Tour - Access All Areas review by Richard

by Richard, 5 years ago
Rated 4.0 Warner Bros. Movie World pulled out all the stops on the Star Tour, and by and large it's perhaps the best premium offering ever to come out of an Australian theme park. You're treated to a range of different experiences, with much of the focus on the park's thrill rides.

The tour takes you behind the scenes from ride to ride seamlessly, with several refreshment breaks, character photo opportunities along the way.

By combining a bit of everything for everyone, there's bound to be moments that don't appeal to everyone; if you're not a rev-head then you might not get all that much from the Hollywood Stunt Driver section of the tour, and character photos certainly aren't for everyone. Recital of manufacturer names and key stats of roller coasters might cause the eyes to glaze over of anyone who's not a roller coaster enthusiast – and those that are probably already know it all.

In groups of up to 8, the tours are an intimate affair. The park makes every effort to give you the red carpet treatment – and the park makes no secret of the fact that they're parading you for others to see.

The food is great, the guides are engaging, and the perks are second-to-none.

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Enjoyment Amazing

Effectiveness Amazing

Pacing Very Good

It's a jam-packed session; you'll be exhausted by the end. Highlights like the Arkham Asylum

Information Very Good

The more seasoned fans might find some of the facts and figures a little Wikipedia heavy, but you're bound to pick up one or two new things along the way.

Value Very Good

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