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Storm Coaster is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Sea World. Built by Mack in 2013. Read More...

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Storm Coaster review by Gtmichaels

by Gtmichaels, 5 years ago
Rated 3.5 A great ride in my opinion, and might be my favourite ride in the park if it weren't for the classic Jet Rescue! A definite recommendation for anyone visiting!

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Enjoyment Very Good

Wow, this ride was surprisingly fun for a seemingly short experience. Had a smile on my face the whole time :) The part where you plummet into the thick mist was especially memorable.

Effectiveness Very Good

Intensity Medium

For being my first water coaster experience (if Wild West Falls doesn't count as one, of course), it definitely delivered! Of course, the drop is the main show with this ride and pretty much every other log ride or water coaster on the planet. The drop is very enjoyable, smooth and carries a few solid g's.

Rider Comfort Good

Instead of everyone sharing one big lap bar as with most of these sort of rides, every rider gets their own individual lap bar. The bar seemed to be a bit too tight around my legs, but was sufficient enough to keep me safe and comfortable enough to enjoy the ride.

Pacing Good

The ride takes action very quickly, so before you know it, you are already plummeting down the final drop. At the end of the drop, it is mostly just scenery for a minute or two, which really should come before all the crazy action begins.

Theming/Storyline Amazing

This attraction is heavily themed, with the location acting as a sort of 'ship-wreck cove' or something along those lines. The queue line is scattered with mini details, and the sound effects and visuals seen after the drop are pretty cool.

Upkeep/Presentation Amazing

Seeing as though the ride is fairly new, it is in tip-top shape.

Queue/Efficiency Average

The queue was slow to start off with, then we had to wait for about 20 minutes due to the ride vehicle needing to be changed, TWICE! I am not complaining about this as I am aware it is for the rider's safety, but we were not told about the delay soon enough.

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