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Superman Escape is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Warner Bros. Movie World. Built by Intamin in 2005. Read More...

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Superman Escape review by Teddy

by Teddy, 2 years ago
Rated 1.5 Even though it is one of Australia's most popular roller coasters, Superman Escape has gotten very rough and does not has have a very intense nor interesting layout. The theming fur tube rude is really good and does make it feel like super man is trying to resque riders from the subway beacuse of the earthquake.

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Average

This ride has gotten really rough throughout its operation and doesn't have many interesting elements throughout the ride. Though, the theming before the launch is very good and really does feel like superman is trying to resque riders from the subway.

Effectiveness Very Good

The idea of Superman rescuing riders from the subway was executed very well and actually seems like Superman is saving the day again.

Intensity Medium

The launch is quite intense and the first air time hill does give some good floater air time, but most of the ride is not very intense.

Rider Comfort

This ride has gotten very rough over time and has constant head-banging from the launch to the brakes.


Superman Escape is a very short ride and does not feature any interesting elements.

Theming/Storyline Amazing

The theming on this ride is very good and makes it feel like you really are trying to escape the subway. One downside to the ride's theming is that there is minimal theming in the queue.

Upkeep/Presentation Very Good

It seems fine.

Queue/Efficiency Good

Superman Escape is somehow one of Movie World's most popular attractions and always seems to attract some very long lines. Also, the ride is often running only one train throughout thhese long lines.

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