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The Temple of Huey (Broken Headz) is a highly rated water slide operating at WhiteWater World. Read More...

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The Temple of Huey (Broken Headz) review by Thomas Day

by Thomas Day, 6 years ago
Rated 3.0 Although the theming doesn't appear to match with the slide itself, the actual slide experience is very exhilarating. The slide is fast and smooth, and riders are advised that this slide contains moments of pure darkness, pitch black, where one can not see ahead. Those who are claustrophobic are advised not to ride this slide.

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Amazing

This slide is very thrilling and exciting, as it is fast and there is uncertainty of what will happen.

Effectiveness Average

I'm left confused as to the relevance of the title, or the slogan. Go hard or go home. That's quite confusing, for a water slide.

Intensity Very High

There are plenty of sudden twists and turns on this slide.

Rider Comfort Amazing

This slide is fast, but very smooth. As the riders are sitting in tubes, this makes for a smooth ride, whereby their skin does not touch the slide.

Pacing Good

I would have liked for this slide to go for longer. It's an excellent one.

Theming/Storyline Average

I can't see how the slide is relevant to the theme or slogan.


The slides are in serious need of repainting. They are extremely faded, and therefore look very old and tired. However, it appears the bolts and poles holding the slide up, are in good condition.

Queue/Efficiency Good

Queues could be improved. It is very confusing regarding whether there is a queue or not, and whether or not one needs to ask the lifeguard first before proceeding up the stairs. There are numerous stairs to climb, so it is very tiring, but this is to be expected of a water slide.

Splash Factor Very High

Although the actual slide itself keeps one predominantly dry, flying out the end of the slide and into the end pool, means that riders will end wet.

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