DC Rivals HyperCoaster Review

by Thomas Day, 11 months ago
Although the coaster can be rough at times, overall, the coaster is very thrilling and very fun to ride; it is an excellent and exciting new addition to the park.
The coaster has cameras along the track, and one attached to the cart, which records the riders. Riders can purchase a digital copy of this video for an extra $30.
Riders should also note that this coaster has a separate fast track, for $19. It is not unlimited and can only be used once. Unlimited fast track is not included in this ride.
Additionally, there is an additional charge of $10 to ride it backwards, but this is very recommended.

Review Criteria



The rapid speed of the coaster, and the incredible loops twists and turns, many sudden, make for an exciting ride. The option to ride backwards provides an extra thrill to the coaster, and provides even more fun.


The actual coaster definitely lives up to the hype: the 60m drop is exhilarating, and the length of track makes for an exciting coaster journey.
Very High


There are many sudden twists, jolts and turns, and many hills.

Rider Comfort

Due to the speed of this coaster, it can be very rough. Riders do not have shoulder restraints and as such, their upper body is free to move about, and is thrown back and forth. Riders are advised to ensure they keep their head back, to reduce these jolts.


The track is 1.5km in length, so this makes for a very thrilling and exciting ride which isn't over too quickly.


Theming is poor, if not non existent. Throughout the queue, there are huge pictures of the DC Rivals, but the theming stops there. Unlike the Superman Coaster, there is no storyline to the coaster, and it simply is another coaster, in terms of theme. I would have liked to see a storyline incorporated into the coaster.


As this ride is still new, the ride is maintained well, and still looks clean. The track does not need a fresh coat of paint yet.


The queuing system is very impressive, it is easy to navigate, and well signe. There is a separate queue for fast track, single riders, general riders, and backwards riders. There is an LED sign at the front of the queue indicating the approximate wait time.