Salute to the Light Horse commemorates the Centenary of the ANZACS and the heroes of the legendary Australian Light Horse.
The outdoor part of the ride.
Coming out of the Stengel Dive and heading up into the next element.
The overbanked crest of the Stengel Dive.
Approaching full speed.
A garden area in Paulton's Park.
Arguably the biggest part of this refurbishment is the new train built by Vekoma.
Lights at the Adventureland entrance.
The curious Giraffe gift shop
Already the roller coaster is an impressive site as it towers over the front of Warner Bros. Movie World. And this is only a fraction of the height it will reach.
Track is in place leading out of the Stengel Dive.
The large curve up into the Stengel Dive.
All that remains is the top of the Stengel Dive, which will feature an overbanked crest.
Staircases that will be positioned alongside the lift hill have appeared.
The first sections of track are now in place.