The exhibit also includes a chance to look into the real lab where Griffith University students research the creatures.
Numerous species will be on display.
Sea Jellies Illuminated will feature many tanks of jelly fish.
Sea Jellies Illuminated replaces the indoor section of Creatures of the Deep, underneath the front monorail station.
Artist's rendering of the building housing Sea Jellies Illuminated.
Guide bars to ensure the large gondola doesn't experience any lateral movement when docking at the station.
Looking back towards the bottom station.
Looking up from the base station towards Orphan Rock.
Expect some sway as you pass each tower.
The rear of the gondola sporting its latest livery.
Main pulley wheels running down into the motor room.
Inside the Scenic Cableway motor room.
With current applied, the "smart glass" floor becomes opaque.
Looking up through the glass floor part of the gondola.
Departing the main station.
A second station on the far side of the valley was added in 2004.
A bit of dead end Orphan Rocker track is literally orphaned behind the Scenic Skyway motor house.
The motor house is located on the other side of the road to the main scenic world building.