Sea World selected a bunch of relatively obscure artists to close out each night at Carnivale. They drew relatively small crowds despite almost all of the marketing efforts for the event going into promoting these performances rather than the other more traditional Carnivale offerings.
And we leave you with No Photos ???? Emoji Dolphin. Please, no photos ????
Nickelodeon Land looks great at night with its festoon lights.
Curiously on a busy night during the peak of summer they made the decision to only run one train on Jet Rescue.
Prime Burgers became Plaza Island Kitchen and made the bizarre choice of serving just fish and chips as well as fish burgers that didn't seem terribly popular.
Village Green was repurposed as a quiet lounge/cafe, keeping the doors closed for most of the night.
The food offerings were incredibly lacklustre compared to the Movie World Carnivale. Louisiana Grill was the only vaguely on-theme offering.
But at least Carnivale looked good! An event like this can really play to Sea World's more natural and resort feeling.
... Gator King With Frogs Playing Harmonica. Very New Orleans.
The rain came and went but didn't stop the festivities.
Crowds pack the Plaza area during the downpour, making you realise just how crucial a sheltered area like this is for these events.
Carnivale really captures the interesting, bizarre and kitschy. From Giant Pool Girl With A Pineapple, we go to...
Giant Ukulele Lady. Play Khe Sanh!!!!!
Making the most of the novelty giant inflatable pool toys that were in every store this summer.
Hashtag social media.
Colour, lights, fire and music fill the new Plaza area making for a great vibe.
The entertainment at Sea World Carnivale draws largely on the tried-and-true offerings from previous Movie World incarnations of the event. If you saw these previous events then there's not a lot that will surprise you at Sea World.
It could be a nice bar to sit and enjoy a refreshing beer too. But unfortunately Dockside Tavern is serving consistently flat beer as of late. All the beers and ciders on taps are almost completely uncarbonated for some reason.
And also a great spot to watch the crowds pour in as they battle the rain.
Dockside Tavern makes for a great spot to sit, relax and wait for the festivities to begin.