Mural of Greek life
Imagica Water Park main entrance.
The skyway to the water park was closed on our visit, so guests are shuttled up in an old bus, dodging cows.
Imagica Water Park Greek mural and terraced dining area.
Imagica Water Park map.
Swirl Whirl and Raftaastic! entrance.
Like the Screamer and Twisty turvy, Swirl Whirl and Raftaastic! start at the mid level and run down to a terrace area the bottom, with a stair climb after the ride bringing you back to the top.
Swirl Whirl and Raftaastic visible on the hill above the dry park.
Swirl Whirl and Raftaastic! are side by side. Raftaastic is a conventional family raft slide, with both enclosed and open sections, with a few drops for good measure.
You shoot up an down the walls of the funnel a few time before washing out the narrow end.
After a few turns you drop into a funnel.
Swirl Whirl appears to be an "Abyss" slide by Whitewater West. It is very similar to a Proslide Tornado.
Zip Zap Zoom is "Whizzard" racer combing a helix with a drop, for each lane.
A nice arbour.
General walkways in Imagica Water Park.
It's even got the steep hills of the Greek islands, but perhaps a bit more green.
Imagica Water Park carries a Greek island theme, starting with a village of shops near the entrance.
The entrance to Screamer & Twisty Turvy
It's a good lengthy ride.
The slide starts at the main "mid level" of the park and runs downhill to a lower terrace, so the stair climb comes after you've ridden.