Melbourne, Australia
Location in Australia
The Ghost Train in 2018
In recent years, Luna Park has implemented a small $5 charge (At the time of writing) to enter the grounds, to assist with upkeep. Previously guests were free to enter and ride individual attractions as they wished. To achieve this the park has installed a ticket booth just inside the 'mouth'.
The ride currently sports a green paint job.
Pharoahs Curse Theming.
Sky Rider in 2019
Looking back towards the reconfigured entrance area.
The park does seem well committed to keeping its historic attractions going.
Happily though the Carousel is back open and looking great.
The Carousel was closed for an extended period in 2018 for repairs.
The parachute theme is actually kind of cute though, and has a lot of potential.
Inspired by the Parachute Drop at Coney Island in New York, this family drop ride is themed after a much older precursor to the modern drop ride.
The somewhat seedy feeling dodgems.
This attraction is located in the main building in the middle of the park.
Take a trip to the 90s on the Holodeck.
It's like a Rockin' Tug, but with a sports car.
The ride occupies the spot once taken by the Metropolis coaster.
Australia's newest coaster against Australia's oldest coaster.
A few rings jazz it up.
Like most attractions at this amusement park, it's a travelling ride set up permanently.